Curbside check-in

Use curbside check-in

Curbside check-in is a convenient way to check in for your flight, get your seat assignment and boarding pass and check your bags at the airport.

You can use this option if you:

  • Have a confirmed ticket / reservation (including Basic Economy)
  • Are using a credit or debit card to pay bag charges
  • Are traveling on a domestic flight

We’ve partnered with Bags, Inc. for curbside concierge service at many of the airports where we fly. There’s a small convenience fee (starting at $3 per bag) for this service, plus any checked bag charges that may apply.

Checked bag policy

When you arrive, simply present your photo ID and one of the following:

  • Name and flight number
  • Confirmation code
  • Destination

Keep in mind, you should check-in at a kiosk inside the terminal or go to the ticket counter if curbside is closed, or if you are:

  • Checking in an unaccompanied minor
  • Traveling with a pet
  • Traveling with a firearm or ammunition in your checked bag
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